Holly Warburton's photographic style was born out of her multi screen installations. They incorporate projections of tape slide, 16mm and super 8 film and video, each photographic image created to be part of a dissolving animated sequence that sometimes reflects a narrative and at other times is a fragment of a projected environment, forming a stage set of animated photographs, film and sound.

The photographs are created by a technique that involves the projection of images through painted glass in the darkroom. The computer and the kiln have now also become important tools within the creative process as she translates her images into the medium of glass. Painting and drawing continue to be a major part of her work.

Holly has been commissioned to create images for record companies and advertising campaigns. She has produced many images for posters to promote theatre, opera and dance.

She continues to create installations with video projections and performance, collaborating with dancers and musicians. She works also on projects with schools often with young refugee students. She exhibits her work internationally and has exhibited frequently in Japan.

Holly Warburton lives and works between London and France. In her studios she is currently painting and working in glass, a medium that she has been developing over recent years. The French countryside of Brittany provides much inspiration, growing vegetables, beekeeping and exploring the many Neolithic monuments which can be found in Brittany, near to where she lives.