I love the alchemy of working with glass and making lanterns that create environments of projected light, reminiscent of my early installations.

I make chandeliers from recycled bottle glass and recently I have been commissioned to create a series of wall lamps for an Eco house in France. My inspiration for the design was Inspired by the Neolithic carvings of Gavrinis, a Cairn and Dolmen on an island off the coast of Morbihan in Brittany, close to where we live in France. The motifs in the glass show the cycles and phases of the moon.

Each lamp is created to be like a Dolmen of light within a megalithic stone circle of light. The fragments of glass are like pieces of an archaeological excavation found in the earth and brought to light. The lamps invite a journey of contemplation and can be seen as a trajectory of a planet or a pattern of a constellation.

I also make lamps inspired by my beehives that create a projected light environment of a honeycomb, reflecting upon being inside a beehive and a meditation on the Honey Bee. Most of my lanterns are designed to create environments of light for contemplation.  Here are some examples of my lamps and glass panels.

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